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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    From Lake Faetano to Montefiore Conca

    Coriano - Ospedaletto

    The departure point is reached from Ospedaletto di Coriano by following a stretch of Via Montescudo as far as the crossroads with Via Parco del Marano, turning right and continuing as far as Lake Faetano. Park near the small lake. Through the municipalities of Montescudo, Monte Colombo, Gemmano and Montefiore

    • CAI number: 019
    • Distance: as far as Chitarrara 8.2 km, from Chitarrara to Montefiore 10 km
    • Difference in altitude: 1st stretch +411 -375 metres;
    • 2nd stretch -233 +471 metres
    • Difficulty: excursion level
    • Duration: 7 hours 20 minutes


    • Lake Faetano
      The path begins 200 metres from the state border with San Marino; leave the road and turn left onto a path as far as Marano Torrent that should be forded. Continue straight as far as the junction then turn left to reach the top of the climb, ignoring the two junction turnings.
    • Top of the climb
      Continue on the marked path as far as the village of Montirolo, then continue on the road that is joined by the path leading to the village of Albereto.
    • Albereto
      Keep on the road and then join with the SP131 for Montescudo.
    • SP 131
      Turn left onto the road that climbs to Casa Falconi junction, turn right as far as the junction with Mount San Felice D’Albereto.
    • Mount San Felice junction
      Near a house on the left of the road, turn left onto a steep dirt track that leads to the top of Mount San Felice and the ruins of a church; continue until you join the road then turn right and climb to the top of Montescudo.
    • Peak of Montescudo
      Descend as far as the Via Monte - Via Comanduccio crossroads then continue on the left as far as the roundabout. Follow a stretch of the SP131 towards Montescudo as far as the junction with Via della Rocca.
    • Via della Rocca junction
      Take a left towards the centre of Montescudo, then turn onto Largo Borgo Malatesta for a stretch before turning right onto Via Torgnano. Continue as far as the junction for Torgnano.
    • Torgnano junction
      Continue, keeping to the right, as far as another junction where there is a shrine dedicated to Our Lady and then turn left onto a dirt road as far as the remains of a farmhouse.
    • Remains of a farmhouse
      After the remains, keep to the left and take a sharp bend to the left towards the ditch. Climb towards Monte Colombo across a field as far as an olive tree that is at the top of the climb on the right of the path. From here, take a path that makes its way between the trees, flank the ditch on the left, cross the hump and follow the path that leads to the washhouse in Monte Colombo.
    • Crossroads with washhouse path
      Continue climbing as far as Via Ca’ Mini and follow it on the left towards the centre of Monte Colombo; near the church, take Via Borgo on the right and keeping to the right, continue descending along Via Colombara until it joins onto Via Lazzaretto.
    • Via Lazzaretto
      Continue for 350 metres until it joins the road in the village of Salgareto, turn right and after the Via Piggiole-Via Salgareto crossroads continue until you reach the SP18, cross it and head to Chitarrara.
    • Chitarrara
      After crossing SP18, continue on the dirt track as far as the crossroads, turn right towards the Conca River, ford it (careful when the river is in flood) to reach the right bank.
    • Right bank of the Conca
      Continue straight on the track between the trees until the road; keep to the left, climbing and descending, and after a wide bend the sanctuary of Santa Maria di Carbognano is a short stretch further on.
    • Santa Maria di Carbognano
      Continue climbing for a long stretch, ignoring several junctions, as far as the SP132 for Gemmano in the village of Villa.
    • SP132
      Continue on the left, descending for a short stretch as far as the junction. Turn right onto Via delle Fonti and continue as far as a three-way junction; keep to the right on Via delle Fonti and turn left at the next junction onto a dirt track that leads onto Via Farneto.
    • Via Farneto
      Cross the road and take Via Borghetto on the left that descends steeply; continue along it until you reach Via Farneto. Continue descending as far as the junction with the path; take the path on the right and continue as far as Casa Casino.
    • Casa Casino
      Continue along the path as far as the Rio Ventena Valley bottom in Gemmano.
    • Rio Ventena
      Turn left onto the dirt track, then flank the left bank of the stream for a long stretch before crossing to the right. Ignore any junctions and continue as far as the junction with CAI arrows. Turn right onto path no. 19 and continue on the marked track as far as the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Bonora car park.
    • Sanctuary car park
      Turn right onto the square in front of the church. From here, take the road towards Montefiore and after 300 metres turn left onto a path that leads to Borgo Pedrosa; climb Via Borgo Pedrosa to the village of Montefiore.

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    Lago di Faetano
    From Lake Faetano to Montefiore Conca
    Lago di Faetano

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