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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    From Mondaino to Cerreto Castle


    municipalities of Mondaino and Saludecio

    • CAI number: 019 / 09
    • Distance: 14.6 km
    • Difference in altitude: -638 +638 metres
    • Difficulty: excursion level
    • Duration: 4 hours 45 minutes

    Mondaino From the car park under the walls of the town hall, turn into Le Fratte Park and cross it. At the end, turn right onto the road until it crosses Via Fonte Leali. Continue on the left towards the sports centre and immediately after the bend at the edge of a clearing on the left there is a path. Descend along a terraced stretch as far as a dirt track then turn right as far as a gate. Continue after the gate then turn left along a path beside an olive grove. After about 200 metres, turn right and climb steeply as far as the road that ends in Ca’ Antonioli.

    Antonioli road Turn left and descend for 300 metres, on the edge of a wide bend take a path on the right and descend towards a ditch; keep climbing as far as an orange house then continue until it leads onto a dirt road. From here, turn left and climb along a cart road. Circle some ruins and continue on the left, turning right just before the San Teodoro three-way junction.

    San Teodoro three-way junction Continue towards San Teodoro for 1.4 km as far as Ca’ Fariani; turn left onto a small farm road that descends steeply. When it joins the dirt track, turn left again and continue as far as the bridge over the Rio Ventena. Continue on the left to Case Palazzi on a dirt track flanking the stream.

    Case Palazzi Turn left and cross back over the Rio Ventena. Continue towards Case Pontia as far as just beyond Cerreto Castle, an enclave of the municipality of Saludecio.

    Cerreto Castle From here, turn left onto a road then continue for about 200 metres before turning left onto a path that leads to Calbianco.

    Calbianco Continue keeping to the left then at the small chapel turn left towards Mount Baicano. After 900 metres there is a panoramic point; take the path on the left. Turn left at the junction then continue straight on to the ruins of Ca’ Mainardi.

    Ca’ Mainardi Turn right as far as Borgo San Teodoro and then return to the San Teodoro three-way junction.

    San Teodoro three-way junction Return to the path that leads to Mondaino; turn left after about 250 metres then, circle the orange house on the small road that leads to the ditch.

    Ditch Climb until you join the road that leads to Ca’ Antonioli.

    Ca’ Antonioli road Follow the road, climbing for 300 metres before heading back onto the path on the right marked by a telegraph pole.

    Telegraph pole The path descends steeply until it crosses another path; turn left and after a short stretch take a small road that leads to a gate.

    Gate After passing the gate again, turn left after a short stretch onto a terraced path; at the end of the path take the road again. Ignore a junction on the left and continue keeping to the left. At the end of the uphill stretch, turn left before crossing Le Fratte Park again and reaching Mondaino.

    Mondaino The route ends at the car park under the walls of the town hall.

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    From Mondaino to Cerreto Castle
    Piazza Maggiore

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