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    From Villa Maindi (Pennabilli) to Badia Mont’Ercole (Sant’Agata Feltria)


    Municipalities of Pennabilli and Sant’Agata Feltria

    • CAI number: 99
    • Distance: 12 km
    • Difficulty: tourist/excursion level
    • Duration: 5 hours 15 minutes 

    Villa Maindi
    From the village of Villa Maindi (643 metres), 2 km south of Pennabilli, the path that detaches itself from CAI path no. 95, called the right ridge of the Marecchia Valley, starts from the four-way crossroads near the  village, descends to Ca’ Morlano, near the bar, and reaches Ca’ Franchi on a short stretch of carriageway.

    Ca’ Franchi - Ca’ Bicci
    From Ca’ Franchi take the cart way on the left and after about 200 metres descend on the right heading towards Messa Torrent before leaving it and reaching the carriageway near Ca’ Bicci, a beautiful late 18th-century farmhouse (as indicated in the engraved stone in the wall) with a typical adjacent farmyard. Descend along the carriageway that after about 800 metres leads onto the SP Marecchiese, 100 metres from the Romanesque church of San Pietro in Messa. 

    Continue along the SP Marecchiese towards Rimini for 1.2 kilometres then turn left and cross the bridge near Pennabilli swimming pool before starting to climb towards Sant’Agata Feltria.

    Bridge over the Marecchia
    Just after the bridge over the Marecchia (333 metres), leave the carriageway and walk around the Forestry Corps nursery. Turn left and climb towards the village of Casalecchio. Continue along another stretch of road as far as Ca’ d’Orazio then climb the carriageway on the right to Petrella Guidi.

    Petrella Guidi
    Petrella Guidi (530 metres) is rightly considered one of the best preserved and most fascinating mediaeval boroughs in the Marecchia Valley that over the centuries had various rulers.

    Mount Benedetto
    From Petrella Guidi descend south-west as far as the church near Ca’ Bardaia then turn right and climb the mule track for Ca’ Galoppo and Cannero as far as the Petrella-Sant’Agata road above Mount Benedetto (731 metres).

    Mount San Silvestro
    From here, after a few dozen metres, climb sharply on the right along a very steep path and passing through the hamlet of Villa continue to the ridge to the north-east of the radio and television aerials on Mount San Silvestro (810 metres, 844 metres at the top). On the pass, leave the carriageway and descend on the other slope through a chestnut wood. Descend again and after the chestnut wood, where the vegetation changes and is replaced by a wood of mixed trees, there is a metal bridge formed by huge tubes. Continue a little further to a large farmhouse in Badia Mont’Ercole and the road near the small church of Our Lady of Succour. Nearby it leads onto CAI path no. 96 called the “left ridge of the Marecchia Valley”.

    Taken from Natural. Environment and landscapes in the territory of Rimini

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