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    Left ridge of the Marecchia Valley: from Villa di Fragheto to Mount Loggio

    Casteldelci - Villa di Fragheto

    municipality of Casteldelci

    CAI number: 96 and 23

    Distance: 10 km

    Difficulty: excursion level

    Duration: 5 hours 30 minutes


    The path is the stretch upstream of the long CAI path no. 96 called “Left ridge of the Marecchia Valley” that begins in Pietracuta and ends in Mount Loggio, for a total of about 23 hours and 45 minutes.


    Villa di Fragheto

    Villa di Fragheto (620 metres) can be reached by car by climbing from Casteldelci junction to Molino del Rio. From Villa di Fragheto descend in a south-west direction along the mule track as far as a carriageway downstream, near Molino del Rio. Cross the small bridge near the old mill and then climb along the path to Poggio del Tesoro and Poggio Calanco (where there is an abandoned village).



    Descend in a southerly direction along the mule track and then the carriageway that, after a few hundred metres, leads to Casteldelci (565 metres). After a worthwhile visit to the typical mediaeval village, descend along the old and very steep path that leads to the mediaeval bridge over the Senatello, near the old mill. Alternatively, continue along the road that has a few hairpin bends from where it is possible to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of Casteldelci and the surrounding area. Cross the bridge, where the mountain community authorities have built a furbished lay-by around a small lake.



    Continue to the Giardiniera junction (544 metres), near the restaurant and petrol station, cross the road and head onto a steep carriageway that begins alongside the sports field. After the first bend, turn onto the path on the right that climbs amid dense vegetation to the yard of a recently-built villa a few hundred metres away. From here, turn onto a mule track that starts next to a shrine to Our Lady.


    Poggio della Veduta

    Continue on the mule track that leads along the ridge towards Poggio della Veduta (946 metres). From the above-mentioned villa it is possible to reach the nearby road that leads to Mount di Sopra. From here, turn onto the carriageway that leads to Campo and Gattara.


    Mount Loggio

    Continuing instead to Mount Loggio (1,178 metres), the path climbs slightly and continues for another 3 kilometres offering spectacular views of the surrounding landscape before the hairpin bend that leads, after about a kilometre, to the peak of the mountain. At a certain point, before the hairpin bend, on the left towards the east, CAI path no. 96 joins CAI path no. 100 that descends towards Gattara and on the right, towards south-south-east, CAI path no. 23 that climbs slowly following the border with the Tuscany region, to our destination.

    Left ridge of the Marecchia Valley: from Villa di Fragheto to Mount Loggio

    43.80133326210786; 12.16765064825438

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