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    On foot in the hills of Covignano


    This is an easy trail of little more than 6 km to discover the quiet, hilly parts of the Rimini area with the sanctuary of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Museum degli sguardi (“of insights”), and the church of S. Maria in Scolca which all are well worth a visit.

    The CAI (Club Alpino Italiano) marked the trail with the number 029

    This trail was taken from the “Sentieri” guide book with nature and historical tours around Rimini, published in 2009 by the Province of Rimini, Department of the Environment and Sustainable Development Policies.

    • The start is in Via Covignano, to be reached by bus or another means of transport, from the square under the sanctuary delle Grazie which is then reached by climbing the steps in Via Crucis.


    • At the sanctuary, take Via Vasari until you reach via delle Fonti. Here, turn left and then got to Via Monte Coronaro, then right to Ruffi Square. From here, you follow the road to your left (to Via Covignano) upwards until you get to San Fortunato. This is a wonderful vantage point!


    • A little further on your right, there is the connecting road to Cà Palloni which you follow until you leave it for Via Monterotondo on your right at the Centre of Tourist Studies and the nursing home. The paved street ends here, and you now follow a gravel road to the junction with Via Torretta where you take a right, then another right at the next junction in Via delle Fonti Romane with the La Galvanina thermal water well.


    • Go left from the Galvanica square and you get to Cà Palloni. Take another left to Via San Lorenzo a Monte and then, after two hundred metres, take Via della Carletta on your right which after 600 metres arrives at a crossroads. You now turn right on a track up to where the road is blocked. You go on until your reach Via delle Fonti again on your right.


    • Once arrived in Via Vasari, take a left towards the sanctuary, then the path slowly descends along the Via Crucis and you get back to the little square delle Grazie below where you started from.

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