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    Right ridge of the Marecchia Valley: from Scavolino to Miratoio


    municipality of Pennabilli

    CAI number: 95

    Distance: 11.3 km

    Difficulty: tourist/excursion level

    Duration: 6 hours 30 minutes


    The path is the stretch upstream of the long CAI path no. 95 called “Right ridge of the Marecchia Valley” that begins in Pietracuta and ends in Miratoio, for a total of about 16 hours.



    The path we suggest begins in the square in Scavolino, at an altitude of about 740 metres, on a small paved road that climbs slightly in a southwards direction. After leaving the last houses, continue in the same direction along a cart road.  

    Rio Cavo After about 1 km, ford Rio Cavo near Scavolino Mill, lower down. Once over the ford, the cart road leads into woodland for about 600 metres then comes out again and continues, without any particular variation in level, as far as the road to Cantoniera, in the village of San Lorenzo (740 metres).

    San Lorenzo On the hill, on the right and partly hidden is the small church of Santa Maria in Cella, built on the church of San Lorenzo which in turn was built on the ruins of an Etruscan-Roman temple. Cross the road in the village and descend along a path, which is not very clearly marked, on the edge of some arable land. Turn onto a carriageway and passing the Messa Torrent, climb to the crossroads with CAI path no. 99 near Villa Maindi.

    Mount Canale To reach Serra Valpiano from this point, climb the carriageway on the left that higher up turns into a mule track. Continue climbing in a south-easterly direction; higher up the mule track turns into a delightful path that leads through some young beech trees and European hornbeams. Continue past some shaded bends from where it is possible to sometimes spot the course of Paolaccio ditch (that flows into the Messa Torrent), which flows lower down on the left forming beautiful little waterfalls. After the last bend (995 metres) the path heads south-south-west and becomes almost flat. The vegetation thins out and the scrubland consists in junipers and a few downy oaks. Head westwards towards the highest point of Mount Canale (1,052 metres) flanking a fence that follows the upper edge of the wood. From here it is possible to enjoy splendid panoramic views; Mount Carpegna to the east, Sasso Simone to the south and the Alpe della Luna, Mount Fumaiolo, Mount Ercole, Mount Perticara and Maioletto to the south-west; a spectacular all-round view of the Marecchia Valley.

    La Petra From here, descend on the field, passing inside the hairpin bend as far as the carriageway from Villa Maindi, about 50 metres before the road. Cross the road near the small cross and descend towards the hamlet of Il Casone (where there is a mineral water plant) and walk along some stretches of arable land as far as a group of houses called La Petra near the road for Miratoio.   

    Miratoio Cross the road again and head into the wood, bypassing Miratoio knoll, just above the cemetery, and head into the centre of the village where there is a welcome water fountain. CAI path no. 17 that leads to San Gianni and to other paths in the Tuscany region begins at this very spot.

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