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    'brief history: once the site of the old San Martino Church mentioned in the Bavarian Codex and other documents around the year 1000. This is the oldest quarter of Bellaria Igea Marina, and its name derives from a plant known locally as "ox tongue".
    Centre for industry, craftwork and agriculture.

    lakes marathon (sprig sports event); festa ad Burdoncia (popular folklore festival), first Sunday in October.

    how to get there:
    distance from
    Igea Marina: km 0.500
    motorway exit: km 4
    railway station: km 0.500
    airport: km 15
    can be reached via S.S. 16 Adriatica A-road.

    Places to visit:
    the Saint Martin's Church (18th century) built on the ruins of the former church, and the Palazzo Benelli (19th century), built on the ruins of a Malatesta hunting lodge. A private property that can be seen only from the outside.

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