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    Borgata Vecchia

    Borgata Vecchia is Bellaria's original town centre, and until a century ago it was composed of a handful of houses facing the sun near the ford where the Via Popilia crossed the River Uso, with a broad and dusty curve in the road, as shown in original old photographs, a small grove of pines, a few houses, an inn dating back to the 15th century, where travellers could refresh themselves and rest their horses. Today the old bridge over the River Uso no longer stands, but Vecchia Borgata is one Bellaria's driving cultural forces, with its festivals, courtyards and jovial residents.On the third weekend in May, a popular festival is held in Borgata Vecchia, transforming the courtyards of private houses into taverns where families cook local specialities. Improvised bands of strolling musicians wander the streets, offering traditional music and dances. And on Saturday night, after the crowds have gone, young mandolin players and guitarists roam the quarter playing serenades that last till the first shimmers of dawn light the sky.

    how to get there
    distance from:
    Bellaria centre km 0.500
    Igea Marina: km 1
    motorway exit: km 9
    railway station: km 0.500
    airport: km 18
    can be reached via S.S. 16 Adriatica A-road

    Contact details

    Phone: (+39) 0541 343711 - Phone fax: (+39) 0541 345844 - -

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