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    Malatesta & Montefeltro


    In the past this was called Gattaia, from the Celtic “Gat” or wood and its castle built in 1145 was the property of the Counts of Carpegna until 1817, even though it was involved in the battles between the Malatesta and Montefeltro. It has ancient origins; indeed, it was inhabited as early as the second Iron Age and numerous artefacts have been found, alongside Roman ones. The village is intact and behind it visitors are treated to unique panoramic views of the Sassi (or stones) of Simone and Simoncello. It is characterized by a tower, all that remains of the castle defences and now the church tower, named after Our Lady of the Snows. Built in the 16th century on an existing construction, little remains of the original structure.

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    Last update: 08/09/2016