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    Visitors to this countryside area, which lies just behind Rimini and the sea and is crossed by the Marano torrent, experience a sensation of harmony and lightness. Top-quality agricultural produce, in particular grapes and olives, characterize this rich and fertile land that has been inhabited and cultivated for centuries, as a number of artefacts and monuments testify, the first dating from the Iron Age. The remains of numerous ovens and villas narrate the dominance of the Romans from as early as the 3rd century BC. In 1202 an early fortification belonged to the Church of Ravenna, before quickly passing into the hands of the Malatesta family and in fact, Sigismondo Pandolfo rebuilt the castle in 1440. About a hundred years later, once the Malatesta had fallen from power, the Sassatelli from Imola took over and gave Coriano its coat of arms. This can be seen on the 16th-century entrance to the fortifications, although all that remains are the external walls, polygonal towers and double system of gates. The Sassatelli family were given jurisdiction over the entire Coriano area by Pope Clement VII in 1528. There are seven castles in the municipal territory, including the one in the town centre. Here, in a house within the castle, situated between the two gates, is the Antiquarium, a permanent exhibition of artefacts found in the area that also has a large “snow-house” in the courtyard. More recent events have also left their mark here; firstly, the British War Cemetery where 1,496 fallen soldiers rest in peace, most of them from the VIII British army. In 1944, nearby fields were the scene of battles between German troops and the allied forces trying to break through the Gothic Line. This is a place steeped in history a fact that will soon be rightly promoted thanks to the “Territorial Network System of the Gothic Line”, which local and regional bodies are in the process of setting up in order to support local cultural and historical heritage, in particular with regards to the Second World War. Giovanni Antonio Battarra was born here in 1714; he was one of the first scientific scholars of agriculture and although he was unaware of the fact, he invented the science we now call ethnography. Just a short distance from San Marino and many seaside resorts, including Riccione, it offers excellent facilities for many outdoor activities such as walking, horse riding, cycling and mountain biking, especially in Marano Park, and offers visitors the flavours of the products of its land, primarily wine and olive oil, to which two important autumnal fairs are dedicated. 

    Patron: Saint Sebastian (20th january).

    Tourist Information Office Provincial Committee of the Pro Loco Tourist Associations
    piazza Mazzini, 10
    tel. 0541 656255 - fax 0541 656255
    [email protected]

    don't miss
    Elizabethan Museum
    English War Cemetery

    Marano valley
    Municipal Theatre Corte
    Parish church of Coriano Santa Maria Assunta
    San Giovanni Battista church

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    Surface: 46.81 kmq

    Population: 10.595

    Distance from the main cities:
    Rimini 10 km
    Riccione 7 km
    Bellaria 22 km
    Cattolica 16 km
    Misano 10 km

    motorway A 14 "Bologna - Bari" - tollgate "Rimini Sud" km. 9
    railway Rimini railway km. 11
    railway stations within 10 km: Riccione and Misano Adriatico

    airport Rimini Miramare km. 7
    tollgates within 10 km: Rimini and Riccione

    state roads: SS 72 San Marino
    provincial roads: SP 31 Flaminia Conca for Rimini, SP 41 Montescudese, SP 49/50 Marano-Marecchia for Santarcangelo and Misano Adriatico

    buses: START Romagna

    Contact details

    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Mazzini, 15 - Phone: (+39) 0541 659811 - Phone fax: (+39) 0541 659861 - [email protected] -
    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Mazzini, 15

    43.97111189711886; 12.601659830688465

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