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    The highest part of the Conca valley in the province of Rimini is bursting with greenery; the lush, natural surroundings are spectacular and the hills covered in spontaneous vegetation. It is a haven of silence and light that offers spectacular views and is well worth visiting, especially for those who love pastoral settings. The municipality is also home to the Onferno Caves, part of the Onferno Nature Reserve. These unusual natural caves, which are easy to reach and can be visited, are of regional and national importance. They offer visitors the pleasant surprise of seeing a place that is unique and enchanting both in terms of its geological conformation and its singular inhabitants - over 6,000 bats, almost six times more than the number of citizens. History has also left its mark and in the countryside near San Pietro in Cotto, in a beautiful area of flatland that borders with Montefiore there are traces of a diffused settlement related to the intensive exploitation of local agricultural resources; it includes farmhouses and urban-rural villas. The origins of the castle date from the late Middle Ages and despite the devastation caused by the Second World War are still visible, thanks also to the descriptive itinerary that accompanies visitors. From 1233 to 1356 Gemmano was part of the municipality of Rimini before passing to the Malatesta. In the early 16th century the Venetians ruled and in 1518 it returned to Rimini. Two other castles in the nearby countryside - Marazzano and Onferno - are also very interesting. They have been completely renovated following destruction at the hands of Federico da Montefeltro in 1496. The village also paid the consequences of being on the Gothic Line; for this reason it is an important place of memory that will become a key element in the “Territorial Network System of the Gothic Line” that local and regional bodies are setting up to promote the area’s cultural and historical heritage, with particular reference to the Second World War.

     Patron: Saint Sebastian (20th january).

    Tourist Information Office (seasonal)
    via Provinciale Onferno, 107  
    tel. 0541 984694 fax 0541 984694 
    [email protected]  

    dont' miss
    Borgo Gemmano
    Carbognano Church
    Flatland in San Pietro in Cotto
    Naturalistic Museum of the Onferno Reserve
    Onferno caves
    Orientated Nature Reserve

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    Surface: 19.2 kmq

    Population: 1.146

    Distance from the main cities:
    Rimini 25 km
    Riccione 20 km
    Bellaria 30 km
    Cattolica 20 km
    Misano 15 km

    motorway A 14 "Bologna - Bari" - tollgate "Rimini Sud" km. 15
    railway Rimini railway km. 17
    airport Rimini Miramare km. 14
    provincial roads: SP 84 for Rimini, SP 132 for Onferno
    bus lines:  START Romagna

    Contact details

    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Roma, 1 - Phone: (+39) 0541 854060 - Phone fax: (+39) 0541 854012 - [email protected] -
    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Roma, 1

    43.905063086287974; 12.580737830688467

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