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    Montescudo - Montecolombo


    A magnificent terrace on the foothills of the Conca valley that reach as far as the ancient Republic of San Marino and the border with the Montefeltro. Given its strategic position, ideal for controlling the territory, the Malatesta made it an important outpost. Its position was so favourable it not only attracted visitors, but also new inhabitants. The Conca and Marano rivers run through this fertile land and it is thanks to them that the Etruscans, Celts and Romans chose to settle here - it was even a stopping place during the Augustean age. Although Montescutulum is referred to in the diploma of Otto I to the Carpegna (962), it became fundamental to the Malatesta. It was strategic for their defensive system, given that the Montefeltro were close by, occupying nearby castles including Sassofeltrio. As the outpost had been contended at length by the two families, in 1460 Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta built a strong fortress there to shield the town of Rimini, as the tablet on the southern bastion confirms. Also imposing were the town’s stone scarp walls, the site of an extraordinary find; an amphora containing 22 medals with an image of the Malatesta Temple in Rimini as it should have been built and another of Sigismondo. Also dating from the 15th century are the frescoes by the “Ghirlandaio School” in the Romanesque church in Valliano, a few kilometres from the centre. As well as belonging to Rimini, over the centuries it has belonged to the Republic of Venice, the Papal State and the Napoleonic Empire, as a plaque in the entrance of the municipal theatre and the colours of the French flag in the town’s coat of arms recall. The heart of the old town is Piazza del Comune that has a well in the centre, but the town also boasts a garden on the bastion that affords views of the entire coast, a cylindrical ice-house and the top of the lookout tower that was linked to the fortress by underground tunnels. A jewel surrounded by lush greenery is Albereto, a rural fortified village of Roman origin that was also the scene of repeated battles between the Malatesta and Montefeltro. It too was reconstructed by Sigismondo, lord of Rimini.

    Patron: Saint Sebastian (20th january).  

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    Eastern Gothic Line Museum - Church of Peace
    Ethnographical Museum
    Sanctuary of Valliano



    In terms of its fortified layout this village in the Conca valley, on the left bank of the river, is no exception to the norm and has managed to retain stretches of fortifications, at the same time retaining its lush surroundings. The overall effect is one of serenity and harmony and its mediaeval terraces offer splendid views over the plains and the sea. Although the village had belonged to Rimini since 568, the Malatesta seignory was only present from 1271 onwards. In this area it was exposed to attacks from the upper Conca valley, which was ruled by the Montefeltro. This is why work was carried out on the castle, on an existing structure dating from the year 1000. Along with nearby Montescudo it formed a barrier blocking the attacks of Federico of Urbino. In fact, if lost, the castles would have left the way open to conquering the Rimini plain. A visit around the old town allows visitors to take in the mediaeval atmosphere and panoramic views. The 18th-century public washing trough is a rarity in terms of workmanship and type; known as “overflowing” for the tubs placed at gradually decreasing heights. Down in the valley, in the village of Taverna, there is another interesting washing trough built a century later that has also miraculously stood the test of time. The nearby countryside has magnificent vineyards and olive groves that produce excellent grapes and olives. From Montecolombo it is easy to reach San Marino and, by taking the road along the valley floor, the foothills of the Apennines, towards a territory where the characteristic features of the low hills slowly give way to woodland and pastures. San Savino also has its own fortress overlooking the main road.

    Patron: Saint Martin (11th november).

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    Church of St. Martino
    Old public washing troughs
    Palazzo Orlandi Contucci

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    Local Tourist Board Association
    via Roma, 1 tel. 0541 864010

    Surface: 36,9 kmq

    Population: 6.826

    Distance from the main cities:
    Rimini 18 km 20 min 
    Riccione 24 km 30 min 
    Bellaria 32 km 35 min 
    Cattolica 24 km 30 min 
    Misano 25 km 35 min

    motorway A 14 "Bologna - Bari" - tollgate "Rimini Sud" km. 16
    railway  Rimini railway km. 18
    airport Rimini Miramare km. 18

    provincial roads: SP 41, SP 131, SP 18
    bus line  START Romagna

    Contact details

    Piazza Municipio, 1 Montescudo -