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    In the heart of the mid-Marecchia valley, in a largely flat area, this is fairly new municipality that was established in 1907 and is now one of its main commercial and industrial towns. Its original name was Mercatino Marecchia, which referred to the important weekly markets held there. In 1942 this changed to Novafeltria to recall that it was historically part of the ancient region of Montefeltro and to link it to the idea of renewal. Its origins are distant and vague; an early inhabited nucleus dates from 1000 when the parish church of San Pietro in Culto was built during evangelization of the Montefeltro. Elegant Piazza Vittorio Emanuele overlooked by 17th-century Palazzo dei Conti Segni, now home to the town hall, boasts a Romanesque treasure - the Oratory of St. Marina. The entire municipal area is interesting, with a few outlying villages well worth visiting. These include Perticara, which is surrounded by a pine forest on one of the slopes of Mount Aquilone and was an important mining centre. Sulphur was extracted in ancient times, but the main vein was only exploited from 1917 onwards. It employed 1,600 men in what became an underground city with 100km of tunnels on 9 different levels. The activity ceased in 1964 and this had a devastating effect on life in the village and the thriving community of 5,000 residents, which had once boasted a theatre and cinema and had set up a Carnival society, town band and football team that played in the Italian third division. The Sulphur Museum keeps alive the memory of these past times. The area around Mount Aquilone is popular with hang-gliders and also offers delightful walks, through pine forests and chestnut woods, a poetic installation by Tonino Guerra called the Green Zoo and an adventure park for all the family called Skypark. In Perticara, the rocky cliffs are popular with free climbing enthusiasts.

    Tourist Information Office
    piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2
    tel. 0541 0541 845619/0541 845620

    don't miss
    borgo Torricella
    church of San Pietro in Culto - Secchiano
    church of Santa Maria in Vico – Secchiano
    mounts Perticara, Pincio and Aquilone
    oratory of Santa Marina
    palazzo dei Conti Segni
    Skypark adventure park
    Sulphur - historical mining museum

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    Surface: 41,78

    Population: 7.136

    how to get there
    state road:  SS 258 from Rimini
    tollgate: Rimini Sud km 30
    railway station Rimini
    airport :Rimini - Miramare via Flaminia tel. 0541715711 fax 0541373649; km 40 
    bus line Rimini Novafeltria - START Romagna

    Contact details

    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2 - Phone: (+39) 0541 845611 - Phone fax: (+39) 0541 845601 - - -
    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, 2

    43.8962388; 12.2901657

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