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    Centro storico

    A jewel of Roman architecture, bearing witness to Rimini's important role over its many centuries of history. The forum of the Roman city was situated at the intersection of the two main streets, perpendicular to each other, with blocks of buildings along the streets between them. Surrounded by defensive walls, of which remnants can still be seen, the centre opens to the south with the Augustus Arch, which once marked the end of the Flaminian Way, and closes to the north with the Tiberius Bridge, once the start of the Aemilian Way. Places to visit include piazza Cavour with the Palazzo dell'Arengo, the Malatesta Temple, the imposing Sismondo Castle and many other monuments of historical importance.

    how to reach the city centre
    by car: motorway, exit Rimini sud; continue towards centre for about 3 km
    by rail: from station take Viale Dante to central Piazza Tre Martiri.
    by air: bus 9, Augustus Arch or Rimini Station stops.

    car parks: 
    1) piazza Malatesta
    2) Malatesta castle
    3) piazza Ferrari
    4) Tiberius bridge
    5) Augustus arch
    6) largo Gramsci

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