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    San Clemente

    This is a Malatesta village that soon reveals its past history. In fact, it can be seen in the city walls and the remains of the fortress with polygonal towers, built by Sigismondo Pandolfo, lord of Rimini. Next to the north-east tower there is a snow-house, whilst the gateway tower still shows the signs of the steps that housed the beams of the drawbridge and the boundary curtain wall has swallow-tailed merlons. Time in the village is marked by an 18th-century stone clock face and an artistic ceramic clock face, created by the sculptor Giò Urbinati, both on the municipal tower. The name of the municipality comes from an illustrious figure in the history of the Church; Clemente, bishop of Rome, third Pope after Peter from 88 to 97 BC and author of the “Letter to the Corinthians”. Documents chronicling the “castrum” date from 962 when Otto I gifted it to the Counts of Carpegna. It then passed to the Malatesta and on their downfall to the Republic of Venice and then to the Church. The old own is enclosed by walls and crossed by a single road that leads to Piazza Mazzini flanked by both the municipality and the parish church, built in the 19th century on an existing 14th-century structure. Next to it is the eastern gate, on which a plaque commemorates an illustrious citizen, the dialectal poet Giustiniano Villa who was born here in 1842. He was one of the best known travelling bards in Romagna, decanting its beauty and focusing on social justice. Tranquillity and peace reign in this village as it was only marginally involved in the struggles between the seignories. Thanks to its position, it enjoyed a degree of serenity that led it to control the middle Conca valley. Several small outlying country villages have interesting mediaeval and Renaissance remains. These include the fine complexes in Agello and Castelleale, a few kilometres from the centre. As well as a flourishing agricultural activity, the village now also focuses on typical local food and wine products and initiatives designed to maintain traditions. Wine is the prince of this area that produces excellent Sangiovese di Romagna and an important festival focuses on local production; unsurprisingly, the municipality is part of the Italian Wine Cities Association.

    Patron: Saint Clement (23rd november).

    Tourist Information Office
    c/o Comune di San Clemente – Piazza Mazzini, 12  
    [email protected] - mobile 349 4142713

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    church of San Clemente
    piazza Mazzini

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    Surface: 20,8 kmq

    Population: 5.603

    distance from the main cities:
    Rimini 15 km - 20 min.
    Riccione 10 km - 15 min.
    Bellaria 31 km - 35 min.
    Cattolica 17 km - 15 min.
    Misano 13 km - 15 min.

    motorway A 14 "Bologna - Bari" - tollgate "Riccione" and "Cattolica" km. 10
    railway Riccione and Cattolica railway km. 11
    airport Rimini Miramare km. 12
    provincial roads: SP 82, SP 35/bis, SP 18, SP 35
    bus lines: START Romagna

    Contact details

    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Mazzini, 12 - Phone: (+39) 0541 862411 - Phone fax: (+39) 0541 980710 - [email protected] -
    San Clemente
    Municipio/Town hall - Piazza Mazzini, 12

    43.93490628786378; 12.627146492065426

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