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    Malatesta & Montefeltro

    Villa Verucchio

    Modern and dynamic suburb that grew in the valley beneath the original town of Verucchio after the Second World War.
    Has several factories that produce woodworking machinery, sheet-metal products, footwear and construction materials, as well as printing workshops and oil mills. The surrounding countryside is particularly fertile, producing wine, olive oil and other agricultural produce.
    Industrial, agricultural and craftwork centre.

    distance from:
    Rimini km.: 13
    motorway exit: Rimini Sud km.: 15
    railway station: Rimini km.: 16
    airport: Rimini Miramare km.: 18
    a-roads: S.S. 258
    railway station within a 10 Km radius: Santarcangelo

    worth seeing:
    the monastery of the Friars Minor (1215), the oldest Franciscan monastery in the whole of the River Po Valley. In the elegant cloisters (16th century) there is a cypress tree said to have been planted by St Francis himself. The neighbouring 14th-century Santa Croce church is also of interest, with a fine fresco of the Crucifixion attributed to the 14th-century Rimini School.
    The 10th-century San Martino chapel near the village is a plain but attractive building surrounded by old olive trees. It was mentioned in a document dating back to 1230, and was recently restored.
    The waters of the San Francesco Springs have therapeutic properties, and contain sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium sulphate. They were very popular in the early 20th century, and a narrow-gauge railway carried visitors directly to the springs, although nowadays they are visited less frequently.
    The Amalia Estate, which once belonged to Amalia of Brunswick, the wife of George IV, Prince of Wales, and the future Queen of England, and to Gea della Garisenda, is now occupied by a prestigious winemaker and by Rimini Golf Club, offering an 18-hole championship course and a 7-hole practice course.

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