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    The Regina Theatre


    Designed by Pier Luigi Cervellati in 1984, the new theatre in Cattolica is typical of the traditional Italian-style theatre, and was the first entirely new post-war theatre to be built. The theatre is built in the classical horseshoe-shaped layout typical of traditional Italian theatres.
    Two circles and a spacious gallery (which can be considered a third tier of boxes) surround the stalls in light-coloured wood which is attractive to the eye and makes for perfect acoustics. 
    capacity: 614 seats
    stalls: 210 seats
    gallery: 168 seats
    hall Ridotto delle Sirene: 150 seats

    Contact details

    Piazza della Repubblica, 28/29 - Phone: (+39) 0541 966778, (+39) 0541 966636 (prevendita) - [email protected] -

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    Last update: 07/02/2022