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    On the beach

    Some think the beach is best admired in winter when the wide stretch of sand is empty and blends into the sea on the horizon. It has an undoubted charm that makes it possible to enjoy natural surroundings and unparalleled views. A walk along the beach in spring and autumn is equally delightful and fascinating.
    Many however, prefer this stretch of coastline best when it is crowded, when there is a real boom of tourists and everything comes to life with colours, sounds and noise filling the air. The Riviera of Rimini has always been the favoured destination of holidaymakers looking for a chance to meet people, for strong emotions and for much more beside and it never disappoints. Our beach is welcoming, immediately embracing visitors, winning them over and making them long to return. Its characteristic fine golden sands are safe and welcoming, above all for families with children, but also for young people looking to have fun, playing and enjoying the numerous leisure activities on offer.
    Older people can sit under the shade of an umbrella, taking a dip every now and then in the shallow, gently sloping sea. Over the years, the beach has added new attractions and services. It is so different from when there were dunes, cane thickets, tamarisks and wild grasses here and only a few timid holidaymakers would come, fully dressed and intent only on breathing in the sea air.
    This is when the first bathing establishments opened, in the second half of the 19th century, now recalled in charming black and white photos. Today, everything has changed and everyone can enjoy the benefits of the sea. There are sun umbrellas, shades and beds, as well as showers, music and much more. Bars, ice cream shops, kiosks and restaurants are ideal for a quick snack and are open all day long. And to enjoy the sea there are pedalos, which have replaced the old wooden moscone, sail boats, catamarans and jet skis, as well as sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing; in other words, something to suit all tastes.
    There’s even the chance to take a trip out to sea to see dolphins on one of the motorboats that sail up and down the Adriatic each day, stopping at various ports along the coast. Those who don’t want to leave the beach can enjoy whirlpool tubs, aerobics and dancing, under the guidance of expert teachers, bowls, beach volleyball and beach tennis.
    Or else they can watch people training for or competing in games of frisbee or freestyle or others doing bodybuilding or training in the outdoor gyms along the beach. This is all done under the watchful eye of the beach attendants that, in the best literary tradition, are like trusted factotums here.
    More romantic visitors can enjoy the dawn or sunset as they listen to the waves breaking and seagulls screeching, whilst night owls can dine on the beach or dance on one of the many beaches that ensure the sea can be enjoyed all day long.