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    Approximate prices for sunumbrellas and sunbeds


    Approximate rates 2019

    In order to make use of the services onthe beach, contact the beach attendant who will rent out sun ombrellas, chairs, deckchairs, sunbeds etc. 
    Should guests stay for longer periods than those indicated, the average daily rates are even more convenient.
    Besides the use of showers, beach games and toilets, the price includes the use of changing rooms, nightime storage of equipment and beach games, the search for lost property, a lifeguard service and first-aid assistance by ambulance, the reception of telephone calls, and storage for surfboards and canoes. 
    Since summer 1997, the price of the beach services has been liberalized. At the beginning of each season, only the minimum and the maximum prices applied are declared therefore, prices can vary significantly from one bathing establishment to another. This depends on the position of the beach (central or on the outskirts) and on facilities and services offered to customers.

    the Beach Attendant’s Union, has suggested their members to maintain the same prices as previous season.

    • As there is no longer a real rate as in the past, these prices are freely adopted and non-binding for operators.
    • Prices range reports high season: for the low season can be considered a 25% average discount.
    • The prices in bathing establishments in the Province of Rimini include all services proposed by the single beach attendant.

    Contact details

    Arenili demaniali vari / Various bathing establishments
    Approximate prices for sunumbrellas and sunbeds
    Arenili demaniali vari / Various bathing establishments

    44.067177040429826; 12.594031784130834

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