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    Star Trek Convention

    Bellaria Igea Marina

    The largest Italian event dedicated to science fiction is back to the European Convention Centre in Bellaria.

    It has started nearly thirty years ago as a meeting that brought together a few people from all over Italy interested in the television series Star Trek, now, for his 27th edition, as well as renewing the presence of Italcon, 39th edition, and the club Yavin 4 with his YavinCon blowing out 10 candles, finds back a welcome partner of the Reunion, the Gundam Italian Club, that will be present with the Side-Con VI.

    Here some the guests of STICCON:

    Robert Duncan McNeill is the interpreter of the character of Tom Paris in Star Trek: Voyager. His experience in Star Trek saw him as an actor in an episode of TNG and as a director: it has directed four episodes of Star Trek: Voyager and 4 episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. More recently it has been director and executive producer on the television series Chuck.

    Robert Picardo, the interpreter of the holographic Doctor on Star Trek Voyager, is back at STICCON after having participated in 2008. Picardo, of Italian origin and a great lover of Italian classical music, has worked extensively in theater and television. He has played in "Kojak," "Hardcastle and McCormick," "ER," "Ally McBeal," "Frasier," "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch," "The West Wing," "The OC," "Cold Case," "Stargate SG-1 "and was one of the main characters of the TV series" Stargate Atlantis ".
    Born in Bristol in 1935, David Prowse played in the first trilogy of Star Wars the character of Darth Vader, thanks to its powerful build and height (2.01 meters). George Lucas, however, decided not to use the original voice of Prowse. Another anecdote emblematic of the relationship between Lucas and Prowse is the shooting of the scene of Darth Vader's death in Star Wars - Return of the Jedi. This scene, the one where you see the true face of Darth Vader, was shot in secret behind Prowse's back, who couldn't give his own face in that unique occasion.
    Jeremy Bulloch is an english actor. He played the carachter of Boba Fett in the original Star Wars Trilogy.
    Richard Arnold had been consultant for Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Gene Roddenberry's assistant and right hand. He actively participated to Star Trek behind the scenes helping scriptwriters and directors.
    In the latest movie he played a Romulan of Nero's crew
    Michael Bishop is considered one of the most important authors on the contemporary science fiction scene. He has won two Nebula awards and four Locus awards. He is representative of the tradition of a more rigorous SF (hard science fiction), its production is distinguished by innovative ideas and great care in finding narrative and stylistic solutions. Many of his works deal with the contact and conflict relationship between different cultures, humans and aliens, seen from a strongly anthropological and ethical point of view, but his area of interest is not limited to these issues as it is shown in his short stories and in his pastiche, which is an homage to P.K. Dick entitled "Philip K.Dick is dead, alas".

    Entrance fee payable


    • from 23/05/2013 to 26/05/2013

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    Centro Congressi Europeo - Via Uso - Phone: (+39) 348 3743821 - [email protected] -

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