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    Summer handicrafts and collectors markets


    LagomaggioSummer handicraft market with live music performance
    via E La Nave Va (area in front of beach area from 70 to 74)
    Every Wednesday from 5 pm to midnight - from 5th June to 11th September

    Marina centroLocal exhibition market by the R...Estate Rimini Tourist Committee 
    piazza Benedetto Croce (in front of the beach area from 55 to 60)
    Every Friday from 8 pm to midnight - from 7th June to 13th September; in addition 1st June and 5th July 

    Marina centro: Fatto a Mano - ArtigianInstrada
    Summer market by crafts with hand made products, from producers to consumers
    viale Vespucci
    Every Tuesday from 5 pm to 11.30 pm - from 4th June to 10th September 

    Marina centro: L'Antico and Vintage Market
    Local vintage market of furniture, books, music albums and other vintage products from all over Italy.
    viale Vespucci
    Every Thursday from 5 pm to 11.30 - from 6th June to 12th September

    San Giuliano Mare: Darsena Artigiana
    Summer market of crafts, vintage and antiques
    from Darsena tourist harbour along via Ortigara
    Every Saturday from 6 pm to midnight - from 22nd June to 7th September

    Rivabella: Summer craft market
    Piazzale Adamello
    Every Friday from 5 pm to midnight - from 7th June to 6th September 

    ViserbaCraftsmen, antiquarians and collectors on the square
    Piazza Pascoli
    Every Tuesday from 6 pm to midnight - from 4th June to 10th September; in addition 23rd June, 11 August, 1st September

    Viserba: Children's Market in the Square
    Piazza Pascoli
    20th June, 4th and 18th July, 8th and 29th August from 6 pm to 11.30 pm 

    ViserbellaCraftsmen and Antiquarians Market
    Piazza Paolucci di Calboli
    Every Thursday from 8.00 pm to midnight - from 30th May to 5th September

    Torre PedreraExhibition market of crafts and antiques
    Via Tolmetta
    Every Monday from 8 pm to midnight - from 27th May to 9th September

    Bellariva: Art'Ingegno. Summer market by artisans, collectors and hobbyists
    Piazzale Gondar
    Every Saturday from 6 pm to midnight - from 8th June to 7th September; in addition Friday 5th July 

    Bellariva: Bancarelle al mare - festival of crafts
    Piazzale Toscanini
    Every Sunday from 6 pm to midnight - from 9th June to 1th September

    Marebello: Art'Ingegno
    Summer market by artisans, collectors and hobbyists
    via Rapallo (sea side)
    Every Wednesday from 6pm to midnight - from 6th June to 4th September 

    RivazzurraArt'Ingegno. Summer market by artisans, collectors and hobbyists
    Pubblic gardens area, viale Regina Margherita from beach area 120 to 128.
    Every Monday from 6 pm to midnight - from 27th May to 9th September 

    Rivazzurra: Bancarelle al mare - Festival of crafts
    On the beach promenade, from beach area 120 to 128.
    Every Friday from 6th to midnight - from 1st June to 13th September

    Craftsmen, antiquarians and collectors market' with live music performance
    Lungomare Spadazzi
    Every Tuesday from 5 pm to midnight - from 28th May to 17th September

    Miramare: La Fiera di Miramare, traditional market
    viale Oliveti - sea side 
    Every Thursday from 6th June to 12th June from 6 pm; in addition 14th August

    Miramare: Festa dei Balocchi. Market of used toys dedicated to childrens from 5 to 12 years
    viale Oliveti - sea side
    Every Tuesday from 8 pm - from 18th June to 10th September 

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