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    Summer night markets

    Bellaria Igea Marina

    Opening hours: 19.30 - 23.00

    • Traditional market
      every Monday via Calatafimi, next to the railway station, Igea Marina, from 3rd June to 9th September
    • Market
      every Tuesday, via Mar Jonio, Bellaria, from 4th June to 10th September
    • Market
      every Wednesday, piazza Marcianò, Bellaria, from 5th June to 11th September
    • Handicrafts
      every Wednesday, via Ovidio, Igea Marina, from 5th June to 11th September
    • Showcase of typicality, Italian style
      every Thursday via Pinzon - Igea Marina (canal port), from 6th June to 12th September 
    • Market
      every Thursday, viale Italia - Bellaria, from 6th June to 12th September
    • Artistic crafts manship and herbalism, food and wine
      every Friday, via Ennio corner via Tibullo, Igea Marina, from 7th June to 13th September
    • Handicrafts
      every Friday, via Mar Jonio, Bellaria, from 7th June to 13th September
    • Market
      every Saturday piazza Marcianò, Bellaria, from 1st June to 14th September
    • Artingegno
      every Sunday via Ovidio and piazzale Santa Margherita, Igea Marina, from 2nd June to 15th September 
    • Artistic craftsmanship
      every night via Perugia, Bellaria, from 2th5 May to 20th September

    Contact details

    Phone: (+39) 0541 343808, (+39) 0541 346808, (+39) 0541 343742 ufficio mercati - [email protected]

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