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    Traditional recipes

    Recipe for Mediterranean fish grill

    ingredients for 4 people

    • 4 small-medium sized monkfish
    • 2 turbot, about ½ kg each
    • 12 large prawns, shelled
    • 8 medium-sized squid
    • 8 squill-fish
    • 8 mullets
    • ½ kg of breadcrumbs
    • 4 cloves of garlic
    • parsley
    • extra-virgin olive oil
    unless you can easily grill fish without smoking out the whole house then you’ll have to say goodbye to this do-it-yourself delicacy!
    Prepare the fish by carefully cleaning and washing it. Cut the turbot in half, in order to obtain 4 pieces. Place the monkfish and turbot in a container and the smaller fish in another; this is necessary in order to be able to season the fish and coat it well with breadcrumbs. 
    Chop the garlic and parsley and add it to the breadcrumbs along with a little salt and pepper. Moisten the breadcrumbs with a little olive oil then toss onto the fish. Begin to toss and turn the fish until it is well coated with breadcrumbs. Make 4 kebabs with the squid (2 per kebab) and the prawns (threading 3 prawns onto each kebab). Place the turbot and monkfish on the grill first as they take longer to cook. As the fish cooks, place it into a dish and cover with foil to keep it warm.
    Ah, I nearly forgot! Don’t bother to buy bread, but instead make some piada (traditional unleavened bread) that is delicious with fish, and perhaps serve it with a large bowl of radicchio and onions!

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