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    - Typical cake, the "Miacetto"


    The Miacetto is a traditional sweet dessert from Cattolica, and is not usually known or prepared outside this town – with the city limits being the Tavollo in the south and the Conca in the north.

    It is indeed a traditional dessert, not least because it is produced and consumed only during the Christmas season. As a matter of fact, it is also called the Christmas Eve sweet.

    The origins of the Miacetto are lost in the depth of time. It developed and changed with the discovery of new ingredients and the addition of elements from other places. There is no standard recipe, or rather, there is one, but it must be remembered that such a recipe can only be the basis on which every family creates their own version, and that with individual touches the dessert becomes unique every time.

    The sweet basically consists for dried fruit, lots of sultanas, sugar and honey, plus chopped skin of citrus fruit and a trace of cinnamon powder. This is then mixed with bran flour and baked in the oven at a high temperature. When it has cooled, it is coated with honey and chopped pine nuts.

    Will it really be, and only be, like this? Perhaps you’d better talk to someone who actually prepares this dish! So here’s the link to the Miacetto site. Enjoy!

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