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    - Fossa Cheese, cheeses matured in specially made pits


    Burial and removal of cheeses matured in specially made pits, Fosse della Porta di Sotto near the former mill of Porta di Sotto.The cheeses will be placed there during the week of August 15th, and will be removed during the Festival of Saint Bibiana The cheese is low-fat, easily digested, and suited to every kind of diet: from adolescents to sports lovers, from the elderly to the very busy. Its scent and flavour are the perfect accompaniment to Romagna and Mediterranean cooking, adding to the delights of pasta dishes, pork products and vegetables, Romagna piadina bread and wholemeal bread, and red wines.

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    via Roma, 134 - Phone: (+39) 0541 981550 - [email protected] -
    - Fossa Cheese, cheeses matured in specially made pits
    via Roma, 134

    43.852614; 12.6706091

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