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    - Wine Sangiovese doc (controlled appellation wine)


    At least 85% Sangiovese Romagnolo grape.
    Ruby red with violet lights when young, tending to deep red when aged.
    When young:
    Intense and persistent, fine bouquet, winey with distinctive hints of violet.
    Dry, sapid, tannic flavour, soft body, with delicate sharp aftertaste.
    When aged:
    Intense, persistent, fine, ample bouquet.
    Dry, good tannins, soft body, rounded.
    Must age until the April after harvest. Optimal age 1-3 years normal, except where selected for aging.
    Alcohol content: 11.5° (Sangiovese Superiore 12.5°)
    Serve at: 14° C
    Serve: throughout meals when young, excellent with charcuterie, grilled and roasts meats, medium aged cheeses, grilled fish and brodetto. When aged, red meats, game, mature cheeses, grilled and roast fish.

    - Wine Sangiovese doc (controlled appellation wine)

    44.060689987021775; 12.565887760327087

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