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    Rimini Convention Centre


    Rimini’s Convention Centre is an extremely flexible avant-garde structure, capable of hosting several events simultaneously.
    It was designed by Volkwin Marg, an architect from Studio GMP in Hamburg, who had already designed Rimini’s Exhibition District. Covering a total area of over 38,000 m2, the facility has three main entrances and a floor area of 29,000 m2, all designed with close attention paid to the building’s  potential environmental impact and eco-friendliness.
    Rimini Convention Centre, managed by the Convention Bureau of Rimini Riviera, is composed of two main structures, which are linked by an important system of foyers and galleries. The first is shell-shaped and measures 23 m. high, while the second, which hosts the main hall, is 17m. high. At full capacity the structure can provide 39 halls seating a total of 9,000 guests. The main hall alone can hold up to 4,700 people. The halls are all fitted with basic technological equipment, and most of them can be divided up using room dividers to create smaller rooms which are sound-proofed and each accessed by its own foyer and entrance.
    The most distinctive element of the design is the huge shell looking seawards, which will give Rimini world visibility. Entirely covered in glass and suspended on steel supports, it hosts a grand amphitheatre which can hold up to 1,600 guests.

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