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    Guard duty


    The emergency medical service doctor can:
    - prescribe medicines, but only for urgent treatment and for a maximum of 3 days
    - issue medical certificates, only if necessary and for a maximum of 3 days
    - suggest admission to hospital.

    The emergency medical service doctor does not provide surgery services. It is not his or her role to write out prescriptions issued by other healthcare workers, including those discharging patients from hospital, or to prescribe tests, specialist examinations or courses of physical therapy.

    - from 8.00 pm to 8.00 am in the weekdays
    - from 08.00 am of Saturday or bank holiday to 8.00 am of Monday or day after holiday.

    First-aid service is restricted to severe pathologies (e.g. violent traumas) arisen suddenly (e.g. lost of consciousness) unsolvable from guard duty assistance.

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    Last update: 03/10/2018