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    Wi-fi in Bellaria Igea Marina

    Bellaria Igea Marina - Bellaria

    It's possible to connect via notebook, smartphone or any other wifi compatible device, in various points of the town:

    • library
    • viale Paolo Guidi
    • piazza Matteotti
    • piazza Don Minzoni
    • railway station - Bellaria
    • palazzo del turismo, via L. Da Vinci
    • Town Hall, piazza del Popolo
    • conference center
    • Polo Est - Igea Marina
    • via Ennio/via Pinzon - Igea Marina
    • railway station - Igea Marina
    • Beky Bay - Igea Marina
    • youth center - Igea Marina
    Wi-fi in Bellaria Igea Marina
    vari punti della città

    44.1483088; 12.462164099999995

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    Last update: 04/03/2020