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    ZTL - Exceptions for the handicapped


    Please ask for a permit first.

    Vehicles with an appropriate permit visibly placed against the windshield may enter at any time, but can only stop and/or be parked where this is permitted.

    Stopping is not allowed in the following places:

    • on Piazza Cavour
    • along the Corso d’Augusto, from Via Brighenti to Corso Giovanni XXIII
    • on Piazza Tre Martiri
    • Via IV Novembre, from Piazza Tre Martiri to Via Castelfidardo
    • Via Garibaldi, from Piazza Tre Martiri to Via Sigismond

    Anyone with an invalid’s pass issued by the Comune di Rimini (or another public body) must communicate the number plates of the vehicles used to the Permit Office.

    A permit is valid for the entire time of the validity of the medical certification obtained from A.S.L. for the purpose of applying for an invalid’s pass.

    Please refer to the website of the Comune di Rimini for more detailed information and download of the necessary forms.

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    Last update: 27/02/2018