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    Metromare - Rimini - Riccione - Rimini

    Metromare, for a more sustainable mobility system. Fast, reliable, eco-friendly, safe, hi-tech and silent, connecting places, people and ideas. Connecting the Riviera to the world.

    Metromare is the new public transport system that connects Rimini and Riccione. It is a key strategic project that will help to redesign mobility on our territory.
    This will enable us to adopt new habits that integrate how we use traditional means of transport - bicycles, cars, buses - with alternative systems, like car or scooter sharing, public transport interchange hubs and bicycle and pedestrian paths.


    € 1,50
    € 2,00 on board
    by app € 1,30

    Traveling between Riccione Station and Miramare Station:
    € 1,30
    € 2,00 on board
    by app € 1,30

    Traveling on the whole Metromare line:
    2 ZONE ticket
    € 2,10
    € 3,00 on board
    by app €2,10

    Itinerary details: 
    Rimini Station-Kennedy-Pascoli-Lagomaggio-Toscanini-Bellariva-Marebello-Rivazzurra-Fiabilandia-Miramare Station-Miramare Airport-Marano-D'Annunzio Nord-Alba-Dante-Porto-Ceccarini Riccione Station

    Metromare timetable
    every day, every 20 minutes

    from Rimini: first bus leaves at 6:36 am, last bus leaves at 8:44 pm..
    from Riccione:first bus leaves at 6:30 am, last bus leaves at 9:10 pm..

    25 minutes from Rimini to Riccione (and vice versa) and pick-up and drop-off at 15 intermediate stations.

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