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    SP 258 Marecchiese, Sansepolcro-Rimini

    The Via Marecchiese, or state road 258 Marecchia becomes a district road in its Romagnolo part and runs through the entire province of Rimini.

    From Sansepolcro in the province of Arezzo, it runs for about 90 km through the Apennines to the checkpoint Viamaggio (983 m high) and towards Tedalda Abbey in Tuscany. From there, it follows the Marecchia River to Rimini.

    It is a very beautiful road to follow, although it can be taxing to stay on it all through the Upper Marecchia Valley which in 2009 became part of the Emilia-Romagna and the province of Rimini.

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    Last update: 22/01/2019